Teeth Whitening: 2 Incorrect Things We Hear

2redWe are often surprised to hear rumors about teeth whitening from our patients. Whitening, one of the most popular cosmetic treatments, is something that offers an exceptional esthetic improvement to one’s smile. It is also extremely accessible and works for most patients. Unfortunately, if you hear a bunch of misinformation from others (or trust everything you read in the internet), you may find yourself missing out on the chance to enjoy a brighter grin. Let’s consider a couple incorrect statements (and the truth behind them).

#1: “Teeth whitening will damage your smile.”

If you choose professional whitening with our practice, you do not need to worry about experiencing damage to your smile. We carefully select the treatment you will receive to make sure it optimizes the whitening you will receive, while minimizing any potential discomfort or sensitivity. However, the same is not true of over-the-counter whitening products, which can result in damage.

#2: “You can never eat mustard again.”

You may hear friends telling you that if you choose teeth whitening, your smile will look beautiful but you will never be able to eat staining foods again. This is simply not the case. While it is best to abstain from highly pigmented foods immediately after whitening (or during a home whitening system), once you’re a couple days out from treatment, you’re fine. Just like your teeth were vulnerable to discoloration before, they remain the same. This means avoiding staining foods protects your white smile but you can still eat them (just remember to rinse and brush afterwards).