Is It Time For Porcelain Veneers?

womanwonderingblazerAre you excited about the prospect of receiving porcelain veneers for an exceptionally beautiful smile? If so, what’s the main question on your mind? For many patients, they wonder if it’s time to receive veneers – or if they just happen to love the benefits without considering candidacy and whether this cosmetic treatment is appropriate. Fortunately, determining whether you qualify, whether veneers are a wise decision, and if you’re ready for them is quite easy to achieve. While seeing us to discuss your smile is essential in making a final selection, we invite you to consider some answers to “when is it time for veneers?”

If You’re Not A Teeth Whitening Candidate

It’s time for porcelain veneers in many instances when you discover that though you want a whiter smile, you do not qualify for teeth whitening. This may occur when patients’ stains are too deep or significant for whitening to work. As a result, we may suggest veneers to beautifully camouflage teeth for a dramatic improvement.

If You’re Ready For A Smile Makeover

Perhaps you were going back and forth about your smile, trying to decide whether you’d be happy with addressing just one esthetic concern, whether it’s best to receive a cosmetic treatment here and there, or if you want to address all issues in one fell swoop. If the “one fell swoop” option is your final decision, then porcelain veneers can offer you the smile makeover you seek within just a few visits.

If Your Smile Is Healthy And “Up To Date”

It may finally be time for porcelain veneers if you have been hoping to receive them but you discovered your smile was not yet healthy enough. Have you visited us for an exam and received the restorative care you need? Then you appear to be ready!