4 Rumors We Hear All The Time

4greenAs you can imagine, patients ask us a lot of questions on a daily basis (which makes us smile, as we always suggest you ask us your questions, so we can keep you informed with accurate information). What we notice, however, is that there are some rumors that tend to swirl and swirl without fail. Curious about which rumors we hear about oral health all the time? Remember that these rumors are untrue, so getting down to the fact of the matter will help you maintain your smile without missing a beat.

Rumor #1: You Will Know If You Have A Cavity

Actually, you might have no idea you have a cavity on your own. Sometimes they occur right under your nose without a single oral health symptom. You will, however, be able to find out the moment the cavity starts to form (or even just before) if you remember to schedule your six-month checkup with us.

Rumor #2: You Probably Don’t Need A Root Canal

If we have examined your smile and told you that a root canal treatment is the best option to protect your oral health, then you actually do need it. Keep in mind that the only reason we will recommend this restorative treatment is if your dental pulp is damaged or infected and there is absolutely no other option for saving the health of your tooth.

Rumor #3: Dental Care Hurts

Not true! A problem like a cavity or infection may hurt. However, the care we provide you to address those concerns is completely comfortable thanks to gentle, thoughtful care, and sedation options.

Rumor #4: Brushing And Flossing Is Enough

You have to do more than brush and floss. While it will keep your teeth clean while you are away from our practice, you cannot thoroughly remove plaque and tartar without our professional plaque removal and attention.