Do You Need Or Want Veneers?

womanwonderingglassesWhen it comes to selecting porcelain veneers for your smile, it’s important to realize that you have many cosmetic dentistry options to choose from. It is easy to become swept away with the most dazzling option, of course. However, if it’s something you don’t necessarily need for the changes you are hoping to make, it’s good to become familiar with what’s what. When is it a necessity and when is it just something that sounds fancy? Fortunately, we can clear this up for you very quickly.

When You Need Them

You need porcelain veneers to achieve your cosmetic goals if your problem has either surpassed what we can achieve with other treatments or if combining other treatments becomes an exhaustive task. Let’s break these issues down:

  • Perhaps you have severe staining on all of your teeth that we cannot address with teeth whitening. Veneers provide a beautiful, natural-looking alternative.
  • Maybe you want to fill spaces, fix tooth length uniformity, whiten your smile, address a gently rotated tooth, and improve some textural issues. Rather than relying on bonding, Invisalign, contouring, and teeth whitening, it may be more efficient and beneficial to rely on veneers instead.

When You Just Want Them

If we can address the concerns with your smile’s esthetics with other treatment options, then you may just want porcelain veneers. Remember that if you are unhappy with the natural appearance of your teeth or are simply looking to attain a particular esthetic, it’s okay to elect treatments that help you achieve personal goals. However, we encourage you to first become fully familiar with treatments like bonding, contouring, and whitening before making your final choice.