Q&A: The Lowdown On Water

waterdropletDo you generally think of water as something that is good for you oral health and your body – but the information sort of stops there? Do you know why drinking water is a good practice, if there are any exceptions, or even how much water is sufficient on a daily basis? If not, we applaud your attention to detail and invite you to read through a helpful Q&A session for some additional information on the topic.

Q&A: Water and Your Smile

Question: Is there any reason not to drink water – or any time I should be avoiding drinking water throughout the day?

Answer: No! You may drink water throughout the day, after you brush, after you eat, before bed – it is neutral and can even help you avoid problems like tooth decay.

Question: How much water should I drink every day? Does hydrating my body affect my oral health in some way, too?

Answer: Hydrating your body keeps your mouth hydrated, as well, which protects against issues like cavities and dry mouth. Drink eight glasses of water each day (eight ounces of water per glass) for the best experience.

Question: Are there any exceptions to the general understanding that water is always a good idea?

Answer: Yes. It’s important to note that cool or room temperature water is always beneficial for your oral health. However, very cold water is often uncomfortable for individuals with tooth sensitivity. Water that is too hot can damage dentures or Invisalign treatment and burn oral tissues. Ice, as well, is too hard on teeth and should be skipped as a snack.