Thoughts On Floss: Answering Your Questions

dentalflosswhiteDo you find that a good portion of your spare time is spent daydreaming about dental floss? No? Well, perhaps you think about it occasionally and wonder if you’re doing a good enough job and making wise choices. If this sounds more like it, you may have some questions that you are unable to positively answer on your own. For questions like these and other oral health related concerns, please feel free to let us know during your visits.

Questions and Answers: Floss

Question: I have heard that floss with a waxed texture is one that is easy to wash off and then use again because it’s coated. Is this true? Is it ever okay to use the same floss thread twice?

Answer: This is not true! Whether it’s waxed, unwaxed, or any other variety, you should never use the same piece twice. Get rid of it after one use.

Question: I want to make sure that I’m actually flossing correctly so I can protect my oral health. Would you mind if I show you how I’m flossing, so you can tell me if it’s correct or offer my some pointers?

Answer: Of course! When you have questions about the best way to approach the care you administer for yourself at home, we are always glad to listen to your concerns, offer a demo, and even to watch your approach and to let you know if it’s correct.

Question: Is it okay I if use dental picks instead of using traditional dental floss? They’re so easy to grab and to carry around with me but they seem rougher on my gums.

Answer: We never suggest your use of a pointy object near your gum tissue. As for the dental floss portion of this tote-able oral health product, we say no to consistent use. As you noted, it’s harsh and you should not use the same portion of floss between more than one set of teeth. However, this can be helpful for occasional on-the-go use.