Want Whiter Teeth For Winter Photos?

womancoveringsmileblondeDo you remember feeling disappointed at the holiday photos you looked at last year because your teeth didn’t look very white in any of them? If so, we’ve got some good news and then some not-as-great news. The good news is that there are often some very easy fixes to help your smile look much whiter. The not-as-wonderful news is that even with some helpful tricks, your smile might look yellow because it is yellow. Fortunately, we can repair this issue, too, with the help of cosmetic care. Find out more!

Wear Cooler Colors

If your teeth are just fine and don’t need cosmetic care but you notice they don’t look very bright in photos, you might want to consider the colors surrounding your smile. By wearing warm colors, you draw out any warm tones in your teeth (making them look yellow). By wearing cool colors, you cancel out those warm tones, so your smile looks whiter. Take in the following tips:

  • If you wear red lipstick, make sure it’s blue-based (not orange-based), which will make teeth appear whiter
  • Choose a neutral (black, white, etc.) or cool toned shirt or top (these include colors that look like they would be cold if you touched them, such as blue or purple) to help teeth look whiter

Come In For Cosmetic Care

Pretty sure those color-based tips aren’t going to help you because your smile is definitely discolored? Never fear! We offer cosmetic care for concerns just like this one. We encourage you to give yourself a wonderful holiday gift by coming in for a treatment to make your smile white again. We offer teeth whitening, bonding, as well as porcelain veneers.