What To Do After Teeth Whitening?

The idea of going through teeth whitening for a smile you absolutely love probably sounds like an experience that is well worth it. Once you find out that it’s a comfortable, convenient option, following through with it is almost too easy. That is, until you start wondering what you can expect once the treatment is over. As luck would have it, fortune is certainly shining down on you when it comes to professional cosmetic care. We do our best to protect your smile and to prepare you to care for it after a treatment. Learn more about the details as you set out to receive a whiter grin.

Use Sensitivity Toothpaste For A Bit

It’s possible that you may experience a tiny amount of sensitivity after teeth whitening. It shouldn’t last long and it will be minimal if it occurs at all. If you do find that your teeth feel a bit more sensitive than usual, we encourage you to use toothpaste formulated for sensitivity for a few days to keep your smile comfortable and clean.

Avoid Certain Foods And Drinks

Now that you know how to keep your smile clean and comfy after teeth whitening, let’s talk about keeping it vibrant. Particularly for the first few days to a week after treatment, you will want to avoid anything that has a reputation for staining your smile. Then, you can simply limit such items or remember to rinse and brush immediately after you consume them. Ketchup, coffee, cola, and other dark foods? Take a break from them to protect your whiter smile.

Call Us If You Have Questions

Are you wondering about your sensitivity? Do you have questions about certain foods or how to care for your smile after teeth whitening? Call us! We will be happy to help.