Biting Your Nails: A Quiz

Do you bite your nails? Is it something that you do on an inconsistent basis? Most of the time, patients either bite as a chronic habit or they don’t do so at all. If you fall under the “chronic” category, it’s high time you learn more about how this habit can negatively affect your oral health. Don’t worry, we know it can be difficult to address (which is why we suggest you talk it over with us). As for the reason it’s important you give it up, we can walk you through the facts with a quick quiz.

Quiz Questions: True or False?

  1. True or False: There’s no danger to biting your nails except for finding that you are ashamed of the way your fingers look when someone else steals a glance at them.
  2. True or False: One of the reasons we suggest you wash your hands before you eat and before you brush is because your hands carry a lot of germs, especially beneath your nails. This is another good reason to avoid nail biting.
  3. True or False: Unfortunately, the main reason we suggest you find a way to avoid chewing your fingernails is because it can end up causing a variety of problems for your oral health.

Quiz Answers

  1. False. Actually, there’s more than meets the eye. You can end up damaging your teeth and the muscles and joints that work together to allow you to use your mouth!
  2. True. Of course! You’re giving germs underneath your nails very easy access into your body! To avoid whatever virus, cold, flu, or other issue is being spread around, keep those nails away from your mouth as much as possible (or wash your hands before eating, etc.).
  3. True. About those oral health issues: Chips, cracks, bruxism, TMJ disorder, and erosion are all possible.

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