Category: General Dentistry

Q&A: How To Limit Sugar For Stocking Stuffers?

Filling up a stocking is very easy business when you make your way through the candy aisle and fill your cart with candy canes, chocolate bars, and every other sugary delight imaginable. However, when you’re looking for other ways to make the holiday morning special without offering an overdose of sweets, you may feel a… Read more »

Wintertime Discomfort Q&A

While the winter season that is soon to fall upon us brings up cozy thoughts of cuddling under blankets and donning big, warm sweaters, it might evoke some less than desirable thoughts, too. For those patients we see who have a hard time with the cold temperatures, we know that the shift can become especially uncomfortable… Read more »

Quiz: Wear And Tear

You may call it what you wish. The natural aging process. Wear and tear. The effects of daily smile use. No matter the way you refer to it, the truth is that your teeth cannot remain in exceptional, exquisite shape on their own. You use them for some seriously heavy function, from tearing apart foods… Read more »

Dental Crown Quiz: Does Your Smile Require One?

Are you trying to sort out your feelings about your oral health because you’re not sure why you need a dental crown? We understand that when you receive a diagnosis and the recommendation for a crown, you may feel like you need to take a step back and to ask some questions. We will, of… Read more »

Getting Started With Sedation

Have you just become aware of the fact dental sedation is an option for you but you don’t really know much more than that? If you’re extremely interested in finding out more but this is a brand new topic, don’t worry. We can help you get started by steering you in the right direction. Getting… Read more »

Q&A: How To Trust Us With Your Smile

Entrusting your oral health and dental care to our team is something that you might not take very lightly. We want you to recognize that this is an issue we thoroughly understand. The wonderful news is that this is not limited to your own feelings or experience but that it’s a very common sentiment among… Read more »

Can Two Treatments Work For One Issue?

Have you ever found yourself trying to distinguish between multiple treatments that seem like they probably address the same issue? However, you notice that each offers subtle differences when it comes to benefits, so you have trouble deciphering what’s what. This is a common concern. While we certainly appreciate the effort that patients put into… Read more »

Help! My Taste Buds Are Dull!

Before you assume your taste buds have completely deserted you, packed their bags, and headed off for new ventures, remember that immediate taste loss isn’t really something to worry about. You may notice that your sense of taste is becoming dull or that you’re having some serious difficulty enjoying the foods you usually enjoy because… Read more »

I Bit My Cheek! Should I Schedule A Visit?

You know the feeling! When you are chewing gum or enjoying a meal and suddenly, somehow, your fragile cheek tissue slips between your teeth but you don’t notice it. Not until you continue gnashing your teeth together in an effort to chew, that is! It’s a very painful moment, which can be followed by some… Read more »

Scheduling A Visit: 4 Ways To Motivate Yourself

Are you finding that you simply have trouble motivating yourself to schedule a dental visit? We understand. There’s an entire world of reasons we could come up with that could potentially cause a patient to choose not to set up an appointment. However, there’s also an entire vast universe of reasons we could counter with for… Read more »