Can Two Treatments Work For One Issue?

womanwhyHave you ever found yourself trying to distinguish between multiple treatments that seem like they probably address the same issue? However, you notice that each offers subtle differences when it comes to benefits, so you have trouble deciphering what’s what. This is a common concern. While we certainly appreciate the effort that patients put into their own research, we also greatly appreciate when patients come in for diagnoses and treatment suggestions. Why? Well, because it saves you time and effort. As you noticed, it is, in fact, possible for multiple treatments to work for one issue. Work your way through our quick dental care explanation.

When Multiple Treatments Address One Issue

Sometimes two or more treatments make appropriate dental care solutions for your concern. Or, they appear that way upon introduction. In most instances, there’s a lot of leeway when it comes to selecting cosmetic care. However, with restorative care, there is usually a best option for repairing your oral health. As we mentioned, you can skip the guesswork by coming in for a visit.

How Does This Work?

We will examine your smile and consider which dental care solution will best improve and protect your smile in the short- and long-term. Consider the following:

  • Filling Or Crown?: You’re experiencing decay, for which we may suggest a filling or crown. We will make this call for you. A filling works when you have a mild to moderate cavity. However, when a filling will not sufficiently repair the damage without compromising your tooth, we choose a crown.
  • Whitening Or Bonding?: Both whitening and bonding can improve discoloration. However, if you’re suffering from all-over yellowing, we will likely suggest whitening. If you have one stained tooth (or perhaps isolated stains one or multiple teeth), we will cover them up with bonding.