Category: General Dentistry

Defining “Bio-” Terms That You Will Hear

As you will notice over the course of your experience with our dental practice, there are a lot of important terms that begin with “bio-.” Why so, you wonder? Well, when it comes to dental care, one of our goals is to provide you with treatments that allow your smile to look natural and lifelike,… Read more »

Overstimulated Senses: What To Do During Dental Visits

What is it that gets you feeling nervous about your dental visits? Do you simply find that you feel overstimulated by all of the different scents going on? Do you feel jumpy as a result of the foreign noises? Perhaps the way things taste is a bit of sensory overload. To help you feel nice… Read more »

Optimizing Your Next Cleaning And Checkup

Of course, you’d love to sit down in our chair every six months to a simple, effective, streamlined dental cleaning and checkup that yields the best possible results. It would also be nice to hear that you’re taking wonderful care of your smile and that you’ve made our job very easy. While this end goal… Read more »

Tips For Smile Care At Work

Caring for your smile at home is easy. You can walk to the bathroom whenever you feel like it in a leisurely manner, take your time, and if you’re lucky, nobody is looking at you while you brush and floss your smile. However, dental care at work is an entirely different thing. Unless you’re fortunate… Read more »

Smile Care: Am I Too Late?

You might feel like you’re too late. You may have severe decay. You may have lost some teeth. You may even only be dealing with cosmetic issues like serious discoloration that has you feeling like you’ve missed the boat on receiving dental care. While we understand what you’re going through, there’s one thing to keep… Read more »

Are You Pregnant? Consider These Smile Tips.

Bringing a baby into the world is such a joyous, wonderful occasion! However, when it comes to your smile and some other details, you may find that there are aspects of pregnancy that are just a tiny bit challenging. Fortunately, we can help you with the oral health aspect of this journey by offering up… Read more »

Quiz: GERD And Your Dental Health

Have you been dealing with an awful lot of heartburn lately? Other types of stomach discomfort? Has someone mentioned that you may have GERD and you’ve discovered that this just might be the key to what’s happening? If so, we recommend that in addition to speaking with your physician, you spend some time with us,… Read more »

Bad Breath: Is It The Cigarettes?

Are you wondering if your bad breath that lingers might be connected to your cigarette use? If so, the immediate answer is that of course smoking may play a role in your halitosis. However, you might be struggling to understand why the bad odor stays, since you generally do all that you can to keep… Read more »

Q&A: Your Kids And Their Loose Teeth

What on earth to do when your child comes to you with a loose tooth and wants it out right now? What about a child with a completely opposite personality who is almost afraid of the tooth coming out, so she keeps your fingers far from her smile? While your child’s reaction to this fun… Read more »

Gingivitis Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

You probably know that gingivitis is dangerous for your oral health. You also know that gum disease is bad for you, as well. However, you might not know whether these terms are synonymous, if gum problems are avoidable, or who needs to be paying close attention to dental hygiene. Rest assured, we know that this… Read more »