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Hints: Is It A Canker Sore?

Have you developed a sore in your mouth that someone has told you looks like a canker sore? However, since you haven’t had much experience with this type of occurrence, you’re not really sure what to think? Fortunately, if it is a canker, you don’t need to worry. It will likely heal up on its… Read more »

3 Gum Symptoms To Watch For

When your tooth hurts, you know it’s probably a good idea to call us. When a sore shows up and it doesn’t go away, you know scheduling an appointment is essential. However, how much do you know about gum disease symptoms and whether a change requires a phone call and a visit? The brief version… Read more »

2 Ways To Relax

For many patients, there’s nothing in particular about any procedure or dental care itself that is unattractive or frightening. There’s just something in general about a trip to the dentist’s office that elicits a sense of dread or anxiety. First, it’s probably helpful to know that we understand the butterflies in your stomach and would like to… Read more »

Dental Checkup: 3 Reasons You’ll Be Glad You Scheduled It

Sometimes, scheduling your dental checkup is the last thing you really feel like doing for a variety of reasons. Maybe you don’t feel like it, maybe you figure your smile is A-OK, perhaps you have a full schedule and would rather do something else, or maybe you know you have a cavity and aren’t in… Read more »

Procrastination Station: 3 Things That Can Happen

Are you a natural procrastinator? Perhaps you are on top of all of the details in your life except for your dental care. Whatever the case, it’s often a natural inclination to put oral health issues off to the last minute. We understand that there are other things that often take priority over your need… Read more »

Your Questions About Hard Brushing

You’re in a rush, you spilled your coffee, you have an errand to run before work, and you still need to brush your teeth – you might as well brush as hard as possible for the 30 seconds you have left before you need to leave, right? Wrong. Let’s try another scenario: You are dedicated… Read more »

Q&A: Are You Making Dental Hygiene Difficult?

Are you starting to think that the problems you’re experiencing with dental hygiene are simply stemming from your own attitude about the whole thing? Do you sometimes wonder if you could give yourself just the tiniest bit of an attitude adjustment if you would start to feel good about caring your smile instead of frustrated?… Read more »

3 Things We Wish Patients Would Ask

Are there questions that you want to ask us when you’re visiting us? Perhaps you want to give us a call but you just feel too shy. While we always appreciate that some are shier than others, we also worry that there are opportunities or benefits you are missing out on because you don’t think… Read more »

Are Tooth Loss and TMJ Disorder Related?

After losing one or more teeth, the last thing you need is another reason to worry about your dental health. However, allowing tooth loss to remain untreated, or neglecting to replace all of your lost tooth structure, can lead to a host of subsequent problems beyond trouble biting and chewing. Today, we explore how tooth… Read more »

Don’t Miss Your Next Checkup and Cleaning Appointment

How many times do you brush and floss your teeth in a day? Hopefully, most people would answer at least twice, sometimes more. Yet, how many times do you visit your dentist for a regular oral exam and dental cleaning? Your dentist and the American Dental Association (ADA) recommend regular dental visits at least once… Read more »