Bad Breath: Is It The Cigarettes?

Are you wondering if your bad breath that lingers might be connected to your cigarette use? If so, the immediate answer is that of course smoking may play a role in your halitosis. However, you might be struggling to understand why the bad odor stays, since you generally do all that you can to keep your smile clean and your oral health in tip top condition. Let’s make our way through some details, so you get a better feel for what’s happening.

Does The Halitosis Linger?

If your halitosis is lingering and you’re a smoker then yes, your bad breath is likely due in part to your cigarettes. Why so? Well, unlike food particles that you can brush and rinse away, cigarettes leaves a different kind of stubborn residue. It hangs around on your teeth, your other oral tissues, in your throat, in your lungs, and more. As a result, clearing the scent associated with it can become extremely difficult unless you quit.

How It Makes Matters Worse

Let’s say you are doing a wonderful job with your dental hygiene, you see us for cleanings, and you’re a great patient. The problem with smoking is that it can also make other bad breath factors much worse. This is yet another reason your halitosis lingers instead of just going away with regular care. Think over the following (and remember that we would love to schedule a visit to talk with you about how to quit smoking):

  • Dry mouth is a problem that occurs when you do not have enough saliva in your mouth, which can lead to bad breath because bacteria are building up instead of being washed away. When you smoke cigarettes, you make an existing dry mouth problem worse. As a result, your halitosis continues.

Say Goodbye To Smoking For Better Breath

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