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Quiz: Are You Buying Your Best Floss?

There are a lot of areas of your life that require your attention. As a result, when it comes to putting forth a ton of effort when you’re purchasing your dental floss, you may be falling a bit behind. Who knew you could make decisions that could affect the effectiveness of your dental hygiene products?… Read more »

2 Reasons To Keep The Toilet Lid Down

It’s one thing to argue with members of your household for keeping the toilet seat up. It’s another one entirely when you start discussing the lid. While this can certainly present a challenge, keeping that lid closed can actually benefit you when it comes to dental hygiene! Didn’t think you’d ever be considering toilet advice… Read more »

Bad Breath: Is It The Cigarettes?

Are you wondering if your bad breath that lingers might be connected to your cigarette use? If so, the immediate answer is that of course smoking may play a role in your halitosis. However, you might be struggling to understand why the bad odor stays, since you generally do all that you can to keep… Read more »

Tired Of Cavities? Consider These Culprits.

If you brush and floss and you don’t know why you still have a cavity in your smile, you may be feeling a little bit defeated. While your brushing and flossing certainly make up the solid foundation upon which your dental care rests, it’s not everything. You also need to make wise choices regarding habits,… Read more »

Get Your Smile In A Valentine’s Day Mood

There’s nothing like Valentine’s Day to confuse patients! On one hand, you feel really excited about the romance that comes about each year on February 14th. On the other hand, the mounds of sugar that come into play seem like something we would likely tell you to avoid. As a result, you may end up… Read more »

The Details Of Expert Level Dental Hygiene

When you lay out the building blocks that make up optimal dental hygiene, they include your brushing and your flossing. When you begin examining the details that distinguish between decent care and expert level care, it’s often a matter of adhering strictly to the guidelines (and adding in any extras that can bolster your ability… Read more »

Age Old Questions: About Your Toothbrush!

Do you ever sit around pondering the origins of your toothbrush? Maybe you think more about whether you’re using the best dental hygiene products possible or not. Wherever your thoughts tend to lead you, we are glad you spend time thinking about your oral health! In addition, we are happy to share some interesting information… Read more »

Dental Hygiene: Easy Changes For Easier Care!

Did you know that a lot of patients let us know that they find dental hygiene frustrating? Did you know that it doesn’t have to feel like a challenge but can actually feel like a natural extension of your daily life? When you notice that something about practicing preventive care at home is getting under… Read more »

Smoking: A Quiz On Quitting

Once the day arrives during which you declare you have smoked your last cigarette, you are on the road toward a tobacco-free life. That is, if you can figure out how to quit, how to avoid smoking again, and how to maintain your new lifestyle. Have you set up a solid journey for yourself or… Read more »

Dental Care Missteps To Avoid In 2017

Here comes a brand new year, which means you are staring at a clean slate of 365 days. Literally hundreds of days with which you can begin making the best choices possible for your dental care, so your smile remains as healthy as possible. Worried that there are too many ways for you to accidentally… Read more »