2 Reasons To Keep The Toilet Lid Down

It’s one thing to argue with members of your household for keeping the toilet seat up. It’s another one entirely when you start discussing the lid. While this can certainly present a challenge, keeping that lid closed can actually benefit you when it comes to dental hygiene! Didn’t think you’d ever be considering toilet advice in an effort to protect your smile? Well, there is certainly a first time for everything! Think through some compelling reasons to follow such a tip … they might surprise you.

Reason #1: To Avoid A Ruined Toothbrush

It has happened to everyone at one time or another. You somehow manage to drop your toothbrush, your essential tool for optimal oral health, into the toilet. You may have even dropped other things in there, such as a watch, your cell phone, or a bar of soap. If this is even a remote possibility, we encourage you to close the lid when you’re performing dental hygiene. It will save you from finding yourself in quite a predicament (especially if it’s late at night and running out to buy a toothbrush just isn’t in the cards).

Reason #2: To Keep Bacteria Away

Have you ever jumped away from a toilet after flushing it to avoid water droplets from coming into contact with you? If so, you are aware that as the water flushes down, some splashing may occur. On a less visible level, there are microbes that are taking flight throughout the bathroom when you flush, as well! Anything within several feet of the toilet may receive a coating of these bacteria (including your toothbrush). To avoid worrying about such a yucky problem for your dental hygiene (and to allow you to keep your toothbrush stored in the open as you are supposed to), just place the lid down when you flush.

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