Category: Preventive Dentistry

How to Prevent Dry Mouth While Sleeping

As a dentist in Keller, I often have patients asking “why do I have dry mouth at night?” or “how can I prevent dry mouth”. If you are someone who suffers from dry mouth, you understand the frustration of the condition. Dry mouth interferes with your quality of life, and especially, getting a good night’s… Read more »

Overstimulated Senses: What To Do During Dental Visits

What is it that gets you feeling nervous about your dental visits? Do you simply find that you feel overstimulated by all of the different scents going on? Do you feel jumpy as a result of the foreign noises? Perhaps the way things taste is a bit of sensory overload. To help you feel nice… Read more »

Energy Drinks: A Quiz

How much do you know about the effects of the energy drinks you throw back to get an instant hit of energy? Have you always assumed they’re fairly safe and healthy for you when compared with other beverages? Does the flavor, lack of carbonation, or some natural ingredients give you the idea that they’re in… Read more »

Q&A: Recognizing National Facial Protection Month

Are you aware that it’s National Facial Protection Month? If not, now is the time to take a serious look at whether you’re protecting yourself from facial injury. Are you wearing protective gear when you play sports? When you rollerblade? When a helmet is essential, you should wear one. When a mouthguard is necessary, make… Read more »

Optimizing Your Next Cleaning And Checkup

Of course, you’d love to sit down in our chair every six months to a simple, effective, streamlined dental cleaning and checkup that yields the best possible results. It would also be nice to hear that you’re taking wonderful care of your smile and that you’ve made our job very easy. While this end goal… Read more »

Quiz: Does Stress Affect My Smile?

You have probably heard quite frequently that stress can lead to a long list of potential problems with your health. It doesn’t just cause a headache here and there but can truly impact your body. As a matter of fact, stress can negatively affect your smile health, too. To learn more about how this may… Read more »

Hypertension Medication: Oral Side Effects

Does the idea of coming into the dentist send your blood pressure skyrocketing? If so, there’s nothing out of the ordinary there (however, remember that we offer sedation if you feel anxious). As for hypertension that is chronic in nature, it is best to take medication prescribed to you by your doctor as you seek… Read more »

2 Reasons To Keep The Toilet Lid Down

It’s one thing to argue with members of your household for keeping the toilet seat up. It’s another one entirely when you start discussing the lid. While this can certainly present a challenge, keeping that lid closed can actually benefit you when it comes to dental hygiene! Didn’t think you’d ever be considering toilet advice… Read more »

Tongue Piercings: 3 Reasons To Practice Caution

Are you someone who is thinking about getting a tongue piercing? Perhaps you have one and aren’t sure what all the fuss is about when your mom or friend worries about your smile. To be certain, it’s quite dangerous to choose an oral piercing. While the level of care that you provide your oral health… Read more »

Tired Of Cavities? Consider These Culprits.

If you brush and floss and you don’t know why you still have a cavity in your smile, you may be feeling a little bit defeated. While your brushing and flossing certainly make up the solid foundation upon which your dental care rests, it’s not everything. You also need to make wise choices regarding habits,… Read more »