Age Old Questions: About Your Toothbrush!

Do you ever sit around pondering the origins of your toothbrush? Maybe you think more about whether you’re using the best dental hygiene products possible or not. Wherever your thoughts tend to lead you, we are glad you spend time thinking about your oral health! In addition, we are happy to share some interesting information about your toothbrush to satisfy your craving for more information about smile care.

How Old Is Your Brush?

If you’re celebrating your toothbrush’s birthdays, you’re not doing things right. Yes, you might be paying close attention to dental hygiene and other preventive care details but a brush should not remain in your medicine cabinet for a year. Once it’s lived about three or four months, it’s time to retire it and start anew.

How Old Are Toothbrushes?

Did you think that the toothbrush was a marvel of dental hygiene that first appeared about 100 years ago or so? Not so. Though it’s evolved a bit since it was originally introduced, some version of this instrument has been around for thousands of years! As you assumed, however, today’s more modern version showed up in the 1930s.

Electric Is Best … Right?

Nope. It’s easy to assume that the fancy, more expensive, powered toothbrush is best for your dental hygiene but this is not the case. The best toothbrush you can use is the one that you have the most success removing plaque with. If you prefer manual, stick with it. If you like electric, go for it. It’s up to you.