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The Info You Want: Nitrous Oxide

Becoming familiar with sedation dentistry means discovering a world that provides you with the comfortable access to dental care you’ve been seeking. As for the specifics, you may feel like you have a general idea about the benefits but less of a refined understanding of the different treatments and their effects. There’s no time like… Read more »

All About Sedation Dentistry

Has it been a while since you have scheduled a preventive care visit? Perhaps you have a cavity or other concern that you know is pressing but you can’t seem to convince yourself to pick up the phone and call us. While you may feel isolated in your anxiety or hesitation, you’re certainly not on… Read more »

Why Do I Need A Tooth Extraction?

When it comes to providing dental care to promote a healthy, beautiful smile, we always do our best to preserve and save the natural teeth currently in your smile. However, serious problems sometimes call for serious treatment, which is why you may have received the suggestion for a tooth extraction to protect your oral wellbeing…. Read more »

Do You Need Full Or Partial Dentures?

Have you been staring at your smile in the mirror lately, doing your best to gather up the motivation to learn more about full dentures or partials? Perhaps you’re under the impression that dentures are best suited to a particular age group or as a temporary fix. Actually, this tooth replacement solution has come a… Read more »

Dental Bridges: What Are They?

Patients dealing with tooth loss quickly discover that missing teeth are serious business. Not only do you feel the need to hide your smile when you speak with others (particularly if the tooth loss is near the front of your smile) but you may also struggle with daily comfort. For instance, just one missing tooth… Read more »

CEREC: Offering One-Visit Crowns

Have you been hearing that one-visit crowns offer a long list of benefits but you’re not quite sure what to make of this news? Perhaps you’re only familiar with traditional crowns, which include at least two visits and the placement of a temporary crown while you wait. The good news is that the name is… Read more »

All About Root Canal Treatment

If you don’t know many details about root canal treatment, we encourage you to immediately clear your mind of anything you have ever heard about this restorative treatment. Why? It tends to bring a bad reputation along with it, though treatment is completely undeserving of its negative reviews. You see, when you visit us for… Read more »

What’s A Dental Filling?

You have probably heard the term “filling” for your entire life. You may have even received one or two. However, how much do you know about dental fillings? Can you summarize why they’re important, what type of concern this restorative treatment addresses, or what the procedure is like? If not, we are more than happy… Read more »

Restorative Care And Why You Need It

How much do you know about the different areas of dentistry? Perhaps you have some solid ideas about particular treatments (like you know that we typically suggest a filling for a cavity). However, do you know what separates restorative care from other areas of dental care? If not, we encourage you to find out more…. Read more »

Gum Contouring: The Essential Info

Have you taken a good, long look at your smile in the mirror lately? Did you discover that the problem you’re having with the appearance of your smile is actually not related to the structure of your teeth – but to your gum tissue? If so, this may at first feel disheartening. In addition, you… Read more »