All About Root Canal Treatment

toothbluebckgroundIf you don’t know many details about root canal treatment, we encourage you to immediately clear your mind of anything you have ever heard about this restorative treatment. Why? It tends to bring a bad reputation along with it, though treatment is completely undeserving of its negative reviews. You see, when you visit us for an infected tooth, a root canal will not just allow us to treat your tooth but also to actually save your tooth from removal. We invite you to fill your mind up with factual knowledge, so you can feel confident about rescuing your tooth if the time comes.

Why Do I Need A Root Canal Treatment?

The dental pulp in your tooth is either infected or severely inflamed as the result of trauma (the trauma can occur as the result of multiple treatments on a single tooth). In most cases, bacteria make their way into your tooth, resulting in an infection. Your dental pulp is not a part of your body that will be able to recover on its own. We will need to make a small opening in your tooth and remove the pulp with root canal treatment to prevent you from requiring a dental extraction (and to protect your smile from complications).

What Is A Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is a restorative service that we offer to clear infection, remove damaged or infected tissue from the body and roots of your tooth, and to rescue you from tooth removal. We will first ensure your comfort by numbing the tooth and surrounding area. Then, after creating a small access point in your tooth, we will remove the tissue in its interior. Once completely cleaned out, we will then seal your roots with a rubbery substance called gutta percha, often followed by a filling. We will promote a beautiful, functional tooth by finishing with the placement of a beautiful dental crown.