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Can’t Stomach Lactose? Try Our Calcium Q&A.

If you’re someone whose body simply cannot digest lactose, you may find yourself feeling a bit worried about how you will ever get enough calcium in your diet. True, you can take supplements, but it’s best to give your teeth and bones the vitamins and minerals they need through the foods and beverages you consume… Read more »

Protecting Your Smile This Spring

When spring takes you by surprise, it’s time to shake off the occasional bundling up and hiding indoors that tends to accompany winter. As a result of the sudden shift, you may be forgetful of some important smile protection factors that require your attention during warmer weather. Of course, you’re more likely to head outside… Read more »

Are You Pregnant? Consider These Smile Tips.

Bringing a baby into the world is such a joyous, wonderful occasion! However, when it comes to your smile and some other details, you may find that there are aspects of pregnancy that are just a tiny bit challenging. Fortunately, we can help you with the oral health aspect of this journey by offering up… Read more »

Tongue Piercings: 3 Reasons To Practice Caution

Are you someone who is thinking about getting a tongue piercing? Perhaps you have one and aren’t sure what all the fuss is about when your mom or friend worries about your smile. To be certain, it’s quite dangerous to choose an oral piercing. While the level of care that you provide your oral health… Read more »

Quiz: GERD And Your Dental Health

Have you been dealing with an awful lot of heartburn lately? Other types of stomach discomfort? Has someone mentioned that you may have GERD and you’ve discovered that this just might be the key to what’s happening? If so, we recommend that in addition to speaking with your physician, you spend some time with us,… Read more »

Get A “Green” Smile For St. Paddy’s Day

When we talk about getting a green smile on behalf of St. Patrick’s Day, we’re not talking about the green tinge you end up with when you drink green-colored fruit punch. Instead, we’re focusing on the way you can make some changes to your dental care to ensure you’re protecting the environment, while you protect… Read more »

3 Things Contributing To Decay

When you think about tooth decay and how it affects your tooth, what do you visualize? Do you imagine your tooth simply gets dirty and starts to break down? Are you familiar with the factors that come into play regarding the formation of a cavity? Do you assume that if you would just stop eating… Read more »

No Pain? Don’t Assume Everything Is A-OK!

You might be a patient who assumes that since your smile feels A-OK, everything must be just fine! While we certainly don’t want you to feel paranoid, we also don’t want you to walk around under the false impression that your oral health is in perfect condition (when in reality, you might need care). To… Read more »

The Details Of Expert Level Dental Hygiene

When you lay out the building blocks that make up optimal dental hygiene, they include your brushing and your flossing. When you begin examining the details that distinguish between decent care and expert level care, it’s often a matter of adhering strictly to the guidelines (and adding in any extras that can bolster your ability… Read more »

Math And Dental Care

No, don’t worry, we’re not going to ask you to do any long division, calculus, or advanced mental math. What we are going to ask you to consider, however, is the fact that when you do the math regarding dental care, you will find it’s actually not as complex as it seems. While you’re in… Read more »