Category: Preventive Dentistry

Treating TMJ Disorder

When you learn that you are suffering from TMJ disorder (TMD), you are likely going to respond like most patients – you want to know how to make things better, of course! Dealing with daily discomfort, lingering headaches, pain that spreads to surrounding areas, and even problems with opening and closing your mouth may become… Read more »

Is It Sleep Apnea Or Snoring?

When you first discover you may require sleep apnea treatment, one of your first thoughts might be the fact that you always assumed you were just a heavy snorer. Distinguishing between snoring and sleep apnea can become extremely confusing if you don’t know the difference between these related sleep disorders. Take a few moments to gain… Read more »

3 Ways You’re Undermining Preventive Care

When it comes to making the most of your preventive care, it is essential that you pay attention to the variety of factors that come into play. Don’t worry – there is nothing too complicated that you need to consider. However, if you overlook a few important details, you may discover that the efforts you… Read more »

Sleep Apnea Treatment: Travel Tips

Are you someone who has been suffering from sleep apnea? Are you committed to your sleep apnea treatment, which you have found is surprisingly easy to keep up with? If so, you will find that your nights become more restful. Unfortunately, you may also discover that when you need to travel, you feel somewhat stressed… Read more »

Do I Have A Functional Disorder?

If you are suffering from something like tooth decay or gum disease, then you are suffering from a hygiene-based disorder. The problem has occurred because something has gone wrong with your preventive care and plaque has damaged your oral tissues. However, if you are suffering from a functional disorder, the structures that provide the framework… Read more »

Start The Year Off Right: Dental Cleanings

Do you spend time thinking about how nice it is to have a clean slate for 2016? Are you visualizing yourself scheduling your dental cleanings and checkups like clockwork, so you never have that, “Why did I wait so long?” feeling when it comes to your dental care? If so, your feelings are certainly in… Read more »

Common Warning Signs: Sleep Apnea

When it comes to the need for sleep apnea treatment, snoring suggests that sleep apnea might be affecting your life. However, there are certainly some more definitive significant warning signs that point to a sleep apnea problem, which means your throat tissues are collapsing for brief moments throughout the night (temporarily rendering you incapable of breathing). Good… Read more »

Do You Need Bruxism Treatment In 2016?

Do you think you may need bruxism treatment in 2016? Do you have any information regarding how we characterize this dental disorder? Allow us to explain: If you need treatment, you are suffering from the involuntary grinding and/or clenching of your teeth. This is something that you may not even recognize you perform until someone… Read more »

Holiday Stress: Take A Break

When you think about the holidays, hopefully your thoughts tend to bring up images of beautiful twinkling lights, cozy décor, gifts, and all things merry and bright! However, if visions of sore jaws and sensitive teeth flicker through your mind, as well, recognize that this time of year can negatively affect bruxism and TMJ disorder…. Read more »

Smile-Friendly Holiday Gifts

When you delve into gift-giving during the holidays, you can find attempting to limit presents that can damage smiles becomes a slippery slope. What starts out as a simple box of chocolate can suddenly turn into a stocking full of sugary goodness and more. We cannot deny the joy that candy brings (though we certainly… Read more »