Sleep Apnea Treatment: Travel Tips

tipshelpfullightbulbAre you someone who has been suffering from sleep apnea? Are you committed to your sleep apnea treatment, which you have found is surprisingly easy to keep up with? If so, you will find that your nights become more restful. Unfortunately, you may also discover that when you need to travel, you feel somewhat stressed about keeping up with your treatment when you are away from home. The good news is that there’s nothing you need to worry about! We’ve got your travel tips ready to go.

Tip #1: Do What You Usually Do

What do you usually do to keep up with your sleep apnea treatment? Do you have a dental hygiene routine that you follow up by placing your oral appliance in your mouth and then getting into bed? Follow your usual nightly routine, so your treatment remains consistent. To ensure you can do this, make absolutely certain you bring your appliance or any other treatment with you on your trip.

Tip #2: Recreate Your Home Scene

For many sleep apnea sufferers, falling asleep comfortably is extremely important to enjoying a restful night of sleep. What are your personal tricks for making your way into slumber? Do you require a certain lightweight blanket? Is there a particular playlist you fall asleep listening to? Bring important sleep-related items with you, so your sleep apnea treatment doesn’t lose out because you can’t seem to enter dreamland.

Tip #3: Don’t Change Your Habits

Do you typically go to bed by midnight? Have you been avoiding a late-night glass of wine because it tends to wake you up in the middle of the night? In addition to keeping your sleep apnea treatment consistent, we suggest you keep your usual habits as normal as possible (such as avoiding extra caffeine and keeping alcohol to a minimum) so your sleep remains uninterrupted.