Your Questions About Children’s Dentistry

girlwithquestionTaking care of your child’s smile can be a very overwhelming thing when you begin. You want to make sure your little one feels excited and optimistic about taking care of his or her teeth. The good news is that we love treating our younger patients with compassionate children’s dentistry. At the same time, we enjoy assisting you in making the best choices for your child’s smile. By learning a bit more about what you can expect, you can get your footing and feel confident about establishing good habits early in your child’s life.

Q&A: Children’s Dental Care

Question: When should I begin scheduling children’s dentistry appointments?

Answer: We suggest scheduling your child’s preventive care visits, which include dental checkups and cleanings, by the time your child is three years old. This will allow us to monitor and guide your child’s oral health and development, while keeping teeth and gums clean.

Question: Do you offer special preventive treatments that will help protect my child’s growing smile?

Answer: Yes, we offer both fluoride treatments and dentals sealants as part of our children’s dentistry services. Fluoride will help keep your child’s teeth strong, while preventing the breakdown of tissue that accompanies tooth decay. Dental sealants provide a protective barrier over the chewing surfaces of back teeth, further preventing cavity development.

Question: Is there a reason to bring my child to a children’s dentist – is there a difference?

Answer: Yes, by relying on professionals who practice children’s dentistry, you can expect compassionate care that focuses on ensuring your child feels confident about both home and professional care.