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It’s National Children’s Dental Health Month

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It’s February, and not only does that mean the month of love, but it is also National Children’s Dental Health Month. So, what is it all about? From a Keller dentist, we say the purpose of this month is awareness. Dentists and practices, healthcare providers, and educators come together in this month to spread awareness… Read more »

Q&A: Your Kids And Their Loose Teeth

What on earth to do when your child comes to you with a loose tooth and wants it out right now? What about a child with a completely opposite personality who is almost afraid of the tooth coming out, so she keeps your fingers far from her smile? While your child’s reaction to this fun… Read more »

Honoring National Children’s Dental Health Month

While February is home to Valentine’s Day and Groundhog Day, it’s also a month that celebrates something related to oral health. It’s National Children’s Dental Health Month! How does one celebrate this type of holiday, you wonder? Well, it’s more of a month-long spotlight on children’s dental care and how to make sure your sons… Read more »

Quiz: Fluoride For Your Child

When we get down to the basics regarding how to prevent your child from experiencing tooth decay, fluoride is one of the key factors. If your child is deficient in this mineral, it means he or she is losing out on powerful protection against the formation of cavities. The good news is that rectifying this… Read more »

Quiz: Tooth Eruption

Do you think you know just about all there is to know about tooth eruption and development? For instance, do you know when baby teeth show up, when they fall out, how many teeth you have in your mouth at different developmental periods of your life and more? If so, you may have a wonderful… Read more »

Parents’ Concerns About Sealants: Answered

You have a lot of concerns about pretty much everything that comes into contact with your child. The dental care your son or daughter receives is no different! As a result, though we can concisely tell you that dental sealants are extremely beneficial for developing smiles, you are probably going to want to learn a lot… Read more »

Kids And Electric Toothbrushes: A Quiz

Have you noticed that there are some electric toothbrushes for kids on the market? Have you been trying to figure out your feelings on this one? Perhaps, you think to yourself, this is not a good idea for a child. Then, as you reflect on your own positive experience with this dental hygiene product, you… Read more »

Dental Sealants: Myths Versus Facts

Do you get a lot of your information from friends, family, and from other parents? If so, you may find that when you visit us with your new ideas, some of them are factual and others lie within the realm of rumors or myths. As far as helpful preventive treatments like dental sealants are concerned,… Read more »

2 Children’s Dentistry Tips

How’s your daily brushing and flossing going? Good? How about your kids – are they enjoying their dental hygiene sessions? The bad news is that as much as you want your children to feel concerned about their oral health, they don’t usually hop on board with the dedication and intensity you might expect out of… Read more »

Preventing Cavities In Children

Are you feeling more and more concerned that you aren’t doing everything possible to keep your child in the “cavity-free club?” If so, it’s time you take a step back, take a deep breath, and consider some helpful advice. Remember that children’s dentistry includes the same focus on prevention as adult care – we just… Read more »