Q&A: Your Kids And Their Loose Teeth

What on earth to do when your child comes to you with a loose tooth and wants it out right now? What about a child with a completely opposite personality who is almost afraid of the tooth coming out, so she keeps your fingers far from her smile? While your child’s reaction to this fun time is certainly unpredictable, the way that you handle it is something we can easily help you with! Gather up important facts with our Q&A.

Questions and Answers

Question: My child’s tooth is extremely loose but he’s scared of having me pull it out. Should I insist or leave it alone?

Answer: It’s never a good idea to cause any unnecessary trauma when it comes to a loose tooth or any other oral health related issue. Leave the tooth alone, so your child can enjoy this experience. It will fall out all on its own.

Question: What if my child is insistent that I help her remove her loose tooth? Is there a way I can help without causing any kind of injury?

Answer: If the tooth seems quite loose, you may use a clean cloth to gently grasp the tooth and pull delicately to remove the tooth. If it doesn’t come out, do not force it.

Question: What do I do if my child’s tooth seems to have been loose for a very long time but it’s just not falling out?

Answer: Schedule a visit with us! It’s entirely possible that your child’s loose tooth is just a bit stubborn. If a tooth requires help, it is always best to let a dental professional (that’s us!) help, rather than try on your own and accidentally cause any type of injury.

Keep Kids’ Smiles Healthy

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