Parents’ Concerns About Sealants: Answered

childrensmilebroandsisYou have a lot of concerns about pretty much everything that comes into contact with your child. The dental care your son or daughter receives is no different! As a result, though we can concisely tell you that dental sealants are extremely beneficial for developing smiles, you are probably going to want to learn a lot more about the big picture and the tiniest details. No problem! We appreciate your concern and are happy to offer responses to those worries that have been circling about in your mind.

Concerns And Answers: Sealants

Concern: I’ve heard friends mention that bacteria can become trapped under a dental sealant upon placement. Is this true? Can it end up being a negative treatment for my child?

Answer: No, this is not a possibility nor can sealants negatively affect your child’s smile. Why? Here’s how this works: We thoroughly clean your child’s tooth and then further prep it for sealant adhesion. As a result, we create a sterile tooth environment to ensure the tissue is clean before the sealant is placed.

Concern: I love doing whatever I can to protect my child’s smile, especially from problems like tooth decay. However, I’m worried that choosing dental sealants is just not very cost-effective.

Answer: Fortunately, sealants are exceptionally cost-effective! This is because they can last a decade or more. Of course, they also help prevent what can become a costly series of treatments (like fillings or crowns) if your child’s teeth develop cavities.

Concern: I know that this is going to be very helpful while my child is young but I’m afraid it’s not going to be of any value when my child enters the teen years (or that the sealants will be embarrassing).

Answer: Sealants always offer protection against plaque, which is helpful for patients of any age. Fortunately, nobody can see the sealants, so no problem!