Dental Bridge Planning 101

dentalbridgeHave you made the decision to replace your missing teeth with a dental bridge? If so, we are pleased that you have found a dental prosthetic to suit your particular needs. While you may feel extremely excited at the prospect of completing your smile, you may find that you are curious about what to expect when you sign on for a bridge. The good news is that the entire experience is quite simple and straightforward, so you will quickly become familiar with the steps associated with your upcoming journey toward a beautiful, full smile.

Visiting Us For A Consultation

To begin, you will need to schedule a consultation to visit with us about your dental bridge. It is essential that we begin by inspecting your mouth to ensure a bridge is the best-suited solution for your smile needs. This time will also give you the chance to ask us any questions you have about bridges or teeth replacement solutions.

Designing Your Custom Bridge

To provide you with a dental bridge, we will begin by gathering impressions of your top and bottom arches of teeth. These molds will stand in as models of your smile that we will provide to a trusted dental lab. A highly skilled ceramicist will rely on your impressions (and other information we offer, such as the shade of your smile) to hand craft your bridge.

Bridge Placement

Placing your dental bridge is simple. You will see us for a final appointment, during which we will ensure the bridge was crafted appropriately to fit the dimensions of your mouth and bite. If we need to make any last minute alterations, we will do so. We will then bond the end crowns over your teeth and you will be done.