Answering Your Teeth Whitening Questions

womanquestionblondeWhen a patient visits us with the goal of achieving a much whiter smile, we often find ourselves face-to-face with a very enthusiastic individual who has an impressive list of questions. It’s important for you to note that we are happy to offer information when a patient shows up with a long list of inquiries. In addition, the questions we receive about teeth whitening tend to reflect common concerns about choosing this cosmetic treatment. While we always suggest you schedule a consultation, so we can speak to your particular worries and thoughts, we invite you to look over responses to frequently asked questions in the meantime. 

Why Can’t I Just Whiten On My Own?

Patients often assume they can brush their teeth more frequently or with teeth whitening toothpaste for better results. Unfortunately, this will not work because dental hygiene products cannot penetrate your enamel (outermost tooth tissue layer) to remove stains where they rest. As for over-the-counter products, they are diluted. This means that you won’t see dramatic results. This may cause you to use them over and over, which can lead to damage.

Can I Enjoy A Whiter Smile Without Damage?

Yes, you don’t need to experience damage if you want a whiter smile. Fortunately, we provide our patients with kits that include customized whitening trays and professional strength bleaching gel. Though the gel offers powerful results, the formulations are also carefully crafted to protect the health of your teeth, while minimizing potential sensitivity. For very deep or stubborn stains, you also have the option of choosing bonding or veneers.