Common Questions About Veneers

questionmarkyellowHave you spent time lately thinking about how porcelain veneers work? Perhaps you’ve been going over the details of the procedure in your mind and have bee visualizing what your smile will look like once it is complete. If you are finding that additional questions are coming up as you consider veneers more seriously, we will be glad to provide answers. To address your particular concerns or curiosities, we recommend that you come in to see us for a consultation. However, we have a hunch that answering some commonly asked questions will help for now.

Q&A: Porcelain Veneers

Question: Why do you need to remove part of my enamel to prepare for veneers?

Answer: Even though veneers are extremely thin, they still add a slight amount of volume to your tooth. If we place them over your teeth without removing enamel, they may result in a bulky appearance – the goal is to create a gorgeous finish.

Question: What types of stains can you cover with veneers?

Answer: We cover most types of stains, including surface stains, allover discoloration, and even intrinsic staining that is typically caused by trauma or medication side effects. Deep stains are usually untreatable with other services like teeth whitening.

Question: Can porcelain veneers align my smile?

Answer: They will not shift your teeth. However, if you’re dealing with mild overlapping or spacing, we may be able to create the illusion of an aligned smile with careful placement of veneers.

Question: Can you camouflage other types of blemishes, such as problems with the texture of my teeth or small cracks?

Answer: Yes, if you are dealing with visible fillings, pitted enamel, cosmetic cracks, problems with tooth length, or even chips, we can camouflage these issues with porcelain veneers.