Q&A: Attaining A Whiter Smile

teethwhiteningtransformAre you somewhat unsure about what it takes to achieve a whiter smile? Do you feel that your confusion namely centers on the fact that you have multiple options? We understand that differentiating between treatments that often offer similar benefits can cause you to feel conflicted regarding which is best for your needs. While visiting us for an exam and cosmetic consultation is your best approach, we are glad to provide you with some clarifying information. Get a head start by learning about which cosmetic treatment will work best for your whitening needs.

Q&A: Your Whiter Smile Questions

Question: Which cosmetic treatment should I choose if I’m just looking to cover up a small stain? My teeth are white except for that particular blemish.

Answer: Fortunately, you won’t need to schedule a treatment that addresses all of your teeth – such as teeth whitening – if you simply need to address one spot or one tooth. Instead, you may cover up the problem area with dental bonding.

Question: My teeth just look all around discolored. What’s the best cosmetic treatment to choose to brighten up all of my teeth?

Answer: The best treatment for allover discoloration (unless it is severe or deep) is teeth whitening. With the use of a bleaching gel formulated to lift stains, while protecting your teeth from sensitivity, you will enjoy a dramatic transformation.

Question: Is it “overkill” to choose porcelain veneers as my method of whitening my smile?

Answer: If you have a single stain on one tooth then a mouth full of veneers is unnecessary. However, if you would like a smile makeover – or if your discoloration is severe or deep – then veneers provide you with an appropriate cosmetic treatment to achieve the white smile you want.