Q&A: Dental Fillings

Q&AbulletinHave you ever given much thought to scheduling your dental filling? Do you ever wonder what will become of your tooth afterwards? Perhaps you’re an individual dealing with dental anxiety, so everything from a checkup to a filling is something that certainly causes you a lot of concern. Whatever your unique experience with this restorative dentistry treatment, we always suggest that you ask all of your questions – our goal is to ensure you feel comfortable and confident. For now, we encourage you to consider answers to some questions frequently posed regarding fillings and what to expect.

Common Questions About Fillings (And Answers)

Question: Is it important that I come in for a dental filling as soon as possible?

Answer: Yes. We suggest a filling because you have a hole in your tooth (cavity) as the result of a progressive dental disease called tooth decay. Treating it immediately will rule out potential consequences like infection or a broken tooth. Waiting may result in the aforementioned problems and the need for restorative treatments to repair them.

Question: I’m extremely nervous about dental treatments, which means scheduling my dental filling is difficult for me. Is there anything you can do to reassure me that the procedure will be comfortable?

Answer: Of course. Rest assured that we offer compassionate, gentle care. Your filling will begin with local anesthetic to numb the tooth and the tissue in the surrounding area. We will also happily discuss potential sedation options with you, so you can enjoy a relaxing, calm, comfortable procedure.

Question: Is it going to be obvious that I’ve received a filling after the procedure is complete?

Answer: No, we offer tooth-colored dental fillings, so neither you nor anyone else will be able to detect the filling. Your tooth will simply look healthy.