Q&A: Life With Dental Bonding

questionmarkblueChoosing to beautify your smile with dental bonding is a wise choice – you can achieve a long list of improvements without the burden of financial strain or lengthy treatment times. In fact, bonding is most prized for its exceptional budget-friendliness and the fact that you can complete your treatment in just one visit. While the benefits may be more than enough for you to select bonding, it might be what happens after treatment that has you most concerned. Allow us to answer common inquiries about bonding, so you can feel confident about your smile’s future.

Questions and Answers: Dental Bonding

Question: What if I decide in the future that I want additional cosmetic treatments? Will it be impossible if I’ve already received bonding?

Answer: For the most part, you will be able to choose additional treatments in the future. Keep in mind that we cannot whiten your bonding with teeth whitening. If you would like to use professional whitening and bonding, we will need to whiten your smile and then match the composite we use for bonding to the new shade of your teeth.

Question: How do you suggest I care for my smile? Will I need to buy special products to carefully clean the treated area?

Answer: You won’t need to do anything special. You will simply need to follow the ordinary guidelines for a healthy smile. These include brushing two times a day with a toothbrush that has soft bristles, flossing your smile one time a day, and avoiding anything scratchy or abrasive.

Question: What if I would also like to rely on dental contouring to address certain esthetic concerns? Can I use bonding in combination with contouring?

Answer: Yes, you may use these treatments together to achieve the esthetic changes you want for your smile.