A Quiz: About Your Denture Fit

quizgreenDo you wear full or partial dentures and you have been dealing with problems with fit or stability? Perhaps from the moment you received your device, it has been rubbing against your gum tissue in an uncomfortable way. Whatever the case, we are curious how much you know about your denture fit, ways fit can become compromised, and the potential side effects that can accompany these issues. Do yourself a favor – take a quick quiz regarding fit and schedule a visit if you find that you require assistance.

True-or-False Quiz: Your Denture Fit

  1. True or False: If you receive full or partial dentures that are ill fitting, they will never provide you with comfortable wear. In fact, they may even cause serious discomfort.
  2. True or False: If you don’t like the support you receive from your denture, there is nothing you can do. Whether a full or partial denture wearer, you are simply at the mercy of the suction your mouth naturally creates.
  3. True or False: Your denture can become damaged, which may result in an uncomfortable fit or slippage.

Answer Key

  1. True. It is extremely important that your dentures fit correctly. If you have received poor work from another practice, we urge you to schedule a visit, so we may inspect your device and discuss repairs or replacement options.
  2. False. Some patients may wish to investigate implant dentures, which achieve amazing stability with the support of implants. Others may wish to try denture adhesive, which results in a more secure fit.
  3. True. A variety of factors may result in damage, from using hot water to clean your full or partial dentures to neglecting to soak them overnight or using the wrong cleaning products. Visit us, so we may repair the problem or plan for a replacement.