Dental Bridges: Exciting Benefits

benefitsgreensignAre you thinking about choosing a dental bridge to replace missing teeth in the wake of tooth loss? We have some good news for you: Bridges offer a varied and exciting list of benefits. If you qualify for a bridge, we encourage you to learn a bit more about the advantages to help you make your final decision. Keep in mind, a bridge is well suited to someone who is missing one tooth or up to three teeth in a row (who prefers a fixed prosthetic over a removable option). Sound good? Get ready for more details!

Benefit #1: They Offer Long-Lasting Wear

A dental bridge is a prosthetic that we will cement in place. This means that we will use a special bonding agent to permanently place dental crowns over your anchor teeth, which are the remaining natural teeth that sit on either side of the open area in your smile. Once placed, your bridge may last up to 15 years (or longer) if you care for it will daily attention.

Benefit #2: Upkeep Is Simple

When it comes to dental prosthetics, patients are often overly concerned about their dental hygiene routine. Fortunately, bridges don’t require anything too fancy. For the most part, you will be brushing and flossing like you usually do (twice daily brushing and once daily flossing). There’s just one minor adjustment: You will need to floss between the bridge and your gum tissue. Fortunately, it’s simple and we will show you how.

Benefit #3: They Will Blend With Your Smile

Our dental bridges are completely customized and crafted out of gorgeous, lifelike material. As a result, your smile will look complete and beautiful, so you never have to worry about anyone noticing your dental work – just your lovely grin.