Questions: About Invisalign Treatment

questionmarkgearsHave you been doing your research lately when it comes to orthodontic treatments? If so, you may have come across the seemingly too good to be true treatment called Invisalign. The good news is that the benefits you read about are real. The bad news is that patients often avoid speaking with us about Invisalign treatment because they figure the option must have some secret catch. To find out what makes clear braces so wonderful, go ahead and ask your questions, so we can provide you with answers.

Q&A: Invisalign Treatment

Question: Will I have to wear my Invisalign treatment trays on a 24-hour basis?

Answer: No, you will have the chance to remove them throughout the day when necessary. The longer you keep them in place, the more consistent your treatment. However, you have the option of taking them out for around two to four hours every day. This gives you ample time to care for your smile and to eat.

Question: How do I know if I qualify for Invisalign treatment? It sounds amazing but I keep assuming it’s not for me.

Answer: You will need to schedule a time to see us. We will inspect your smile and discuss whether Invisalign or another type of cosmetic braces will successfully align your teeth. For the most part, we can address over bite, under bite, cross bite, spacing, overcrowding, and open bite with Invisalign trays.

Question: I’m aware that Invisalign treatment is touted as cosmetic in nature because it is clear and practically undetectable. Is it actually comfortable, too?

Answer: Yes. You will receive trays made out of plastic with a smooth finish. You can expect comfortable wear.