What Is Second-Hand Sleep Apnea?

sleepapneacouple2Are you a sleep apnea sufferer? If so, you may notice that you begin to hear the term second-hand sleep apnea more and more regularly. If you have begun seeking sleep apnea treatment then you are already on the right path. However, if you have not, we suggest you schedule a visit with us right away, so we can begin addressing both of these concerns. As for the “second-hand” issue, allow us to provide you with some helpful details to make sense of this common side effect (and to guide you toward solving the problem).

About Second-Hand Sleep Apnea

If you have heard of second-hand snoring, which occurs when your partner is woken up consistently during the night as a result of the loud noises you’re making, this follows suit. You see, when you suffer from sleep apnea, you snore loudly, you wake often hundreds of times per night as you make a loud choking sound, and your sleep is severely interrupted. Unfortunately, the person sleeping next to you is becoming just as sleep deprived as the result of waking up every time you snore or gasp. What’s this all boil down to? Your symptoms are becoming your partner’s symptoms. Seek sleep apnea treatment and you can improve both your life and the life of your significant other.

About Treatment

We offer sleep apnea treatment to our patients in the form of what we call “oral appliance therapy.” It’s a simple method that often offers immediate results. Free of medicine, invasive approaches, or discomfort, the therapy simply requires you to wear a mouth guard during sleep. The guard will reposition the pose of your jaw as a means of encouraging open air passages that do not become obstructed by your soft tissues. Speak with us about treatment right away – your partner will thank you.