3 Reasons To Keep Up With Children’s Dentistry

childmissingtoothWhen it comes to your child’s smile – particularly if your little one still has baby teeth – you might not feel too worried about dental care. You may assume that preventive care for adults is extremely important and that once your child reaches the teen years, care will become a priority. However, this is simply not the case – your child’s smile is just as vulnerable to damage as your own. Getting serious about children’s dentistry early offers a long list of benefits you may not have considered. Allow us to provide you with some reasons to take your child’s dental care to heart.

#1: Early Care Yields Long-Term Oral Health

The sooner you begin implementing the practice of good dental hygiene at home and preventive care with our practice, the easier it will be for it to become second nature to your child. Brushing, flossing, checkups, and dental cleanings will simply become a fact of life that will promise a future of healthy teeth and gums.

#2: We Offer Special Pediatric Smile Protection

While you have mastered brushing and flossing and figuring out how to access each tooth surface, your child is still learning. To address this circumstance, we offer extra protection to growing smiles with preventive children’s dentistry treatments, including the following:

  • Dental Sealants
  • Fluoride Treatments

#3: It Makes Home Care More Effective

Just like for Mom and Dad, dental care is a multi-step process for your child. By keeping up with children’s dentistry visits, during which we will examine your child’s teeth and clean them, we will diagnose and schedule treatments for any issues – and we will remove plaque and tartar. As a result, home brushing and flossing will go smoothly and yield successful results.