3 Myths About Restorative Care

mythfactchalkWhen it comes to suggesting restorative care to improve oral health for our patients, we often find that we are met with what seems like resistance or apathy. Because we know our patients feel strongly about keeping their smiles in excellent condition, we have thought long and hard about why certain individuals choose to postpone scheduling their restorations. For the most part, of course, the problem lies in the fact that patients commonly hear myths and rumors that make fixing dental issues seem daunting and scary. Allow us to shed some light on common myths, so you can feel comfortable, confident, and motivated about caring for your teeth.

Myth #1: It Can Wait

You may hear friends or family members tell you that you don’t need to schedule your root canal treatment or that a filling can wait. In actuality, when we suggest a restorative care treatment, it is important that you schedule it as soon as possible. When you wait, you give the oral health problem time to advance, worsen, and for damage to occur. Treat it immediately and you have nothing to worry about.

Myth #2: Restorative Care Is Unsightly

In days gone by, you might have noticed that fillings were made of metal, which could darken teeth or look unsightly. Patients often received metal crowns, which were quite obvious. Fortunately, advances in dental technology allow us to offer you restorative care that protects and often improves the beauty of your smile. This includes everything from composite fillings to porcelain crowns.

Myth #3: Restorative Dentistry Is Uncomfortable

There is absolutely no reason to worry about your restorative care feeling uncomfortable. We can offer three reasons: First, we practice compassionate dentistry. Second, we use local anesthetic to numb tissues that require work. Third, we offer sedation dentistry options for complete relaxation.