Category: Restorative Dentistry

A Quick Review On Tooth Cracks

If you have a crack in your tooth, it might be serious. Or, it might be nothing. From craze lines to fractures and serious breaks, there are many types of damage. Unfortunately, if you’re trying to diagnose yourself, you may be leaving your tooth open to further injury and possibly infection. As a result, it’s… Read more »

Smile Care: Am I Too Late?

You might feel like you’re too late. You may have severe decay. You may have lost some teeth. You may even only be dealing with cosmetic issues like serious discoloration that has you feeling like you’ve missed the boat on receiving dental care. While we understand what you’re going through, there’s one thing to keep… Read more »

Restorations: Why You Need Them

When it’s time for a restoration, you might do anything you can to rationalize a way out of your visit. We know that it’s not the most exciting part of your week but it is necessary (and the results will definitely put a smile on your face). Unfortunately, if you ignore the need for restorative… Read more »

Q&A: Life After Your Filling

As you prepare to come in for your dental filling, even if you feel completely relaxed about the procedure (which you should, since it is absolutely comfortable!), you may still be dealing with a bit of anxiety about what to expect later. As in, after you go home and the filling is in place. What’s… Read more »

3 Things Contributing To Decay

When you think about tooth decay and how it affects your tooth, what do you visualize? Do you imagine your tooth simply gets dirty and starts to break down? Are you familiar with the factors that come into play regarding the formation of a cavity? Do you assume that if you would just stop eating… Read more »

Dental Extractions: Remember These 3 R’s

When you have had a dental experience that leads to the requirement of a dental extraction, we encourage you to focus on three R-words to see you through this experience, while feeling happy and relieved regarding your care. We know that it’s not always the first thing on your list of things to do but, as… Read more »

Q&A: Will My Filling Fit Right?

We often find that patients feel concerned about dental fillings and whether they will fit correctly. Without assuming that you know a thing about fillings, we generally like to begin at the very beginning, so we are certain you are well educated on the topic, so you know what to expect, and so you recognize… Read more »

Dental Extractions: Preventing Dry Socket

When you receive a dental extraction, you will be sent home with some very specific, detailed instructions for your aftercare. While you may think that some of these instructions are just gentle suggestions, we encourage you to think again. It is highly important that you take each step quite seriously to ensure the successful healing… Read more »

Dentures: Improving Stability

You may notice over the course of wearing your full or partial dentures that you enjoy them as your tooth replacement solution. However, you might think that they’d be even better if they were just a bit more stable. Or, you might think to yourself that you’d really prefer dental implants but single crown implants… Read more »

How Long Will My Treatment Last?

When you get your tooth fixed or you make an improvement, you like to know it’s going to last! As you may have already guessed, it is all but impossible for us to figure out the exact life expectancy of any one restorative treatment because so many variables come into play! You could have some… Read more »