Q&A: Life After Your Filling

As you prepare to come in for your dental filling, even if you feel completely relaxed about the procedure (which you should, since it is absolutely comfortable!), you may still be dealing with a bit of anxiety about what to expect later. As in, after you go home and the filling is in place. What’s life going to be like, you may wonder? Will your tooth feel and look okay? Do you need to buy special toothpaste? We’ve got all the answers you could ever need!

Questions and Answers: Fillings

Question: Once my dental filling is in place, what’s it going to take for me to care for my smile? Anything special?

Answer: Nothing special at all. You’ll go home and resume your usual dental hygiene. Assuming you’re doing what we always instruct you to do with twice-a-day brushing and once-a-day flossing, you’re going to be just fine.

Question: How about the way my tooth is going to look? Is it going to be obvious that I’ve had some dental work done?

Answer: Your tooth will look beautiful and natural. The filling, of course, will match the tissue surrounding it because we offer tooth-colored fillings. The only way anyone will notice is if your decay was apparent before and now your tooth looks healthy!

Question: My friend told me that dental fillings make a tooth sensitive. Is this true?

Answer: You might experience a bit of sensitivity on the day of your procedure. However, beyond that, you should not expect any sensitivity as the result of a filling. Unlike metal fillings, composite (which we use for your filling) will not get cold or hot based on the foods and beverages you eat and drink.