Using Your Cell Phone For A Healthy Smile

textingpinknailsWhen it comes to keeping your cell phone in your hand, you may find that you are constantly feeling like you should put it down. Getting a text in the middle of dinner? Worrying about the distractions of cell phones while driving? These are all important things to consider. However, when used well, your smart phone can come in handy! As a matter of fact, you might be overlooking its importance in keeping your oral health in immaculate condition. Take a few moments to consider how this little piece of technology can help your grin.

Notes, Reminders, Calendar, and More

First things first, you have probably recognized by now that your smart phone is like a tiny computer – that you happen to carry with you everywhere. What better way to protect your oral health than to use this object to tote along reminders for your smile? We suggest making use of your phone with the following:

  • Use a note-making program to jot down products you are low on (like toothpaste), so you never run out
  • Schedule your visits in your phone’s calendar
  • Set reminders or alarms to alert you about upcoming visits
  • Search your app store for dental-related apps that can help you learn more about your smile

Use The Keypad

Even though the keypad is occasionally an afterthought (since we have become so reliant on using our phone for texting purposes) don’t forget its significance. Program us into your contacts and call us when you need something, whether you have a toothache or need to schedule your next preventive visit to protect your oral health.