Clear Braces: Achieving Success

smilethumbsupAre you wearing clear aligner trays called clear braces to address your smile alignment issues? If so, are you starting fret because you want more than anything to finish your treatment and to see a gorgeous, aligned smile in the mirror? If so, making it through treatment without a hiccup is quite easy as long as you feel informed about the guidelines toward success. Translation: Follow our instructions (and don’t pay any attention to friends’ suggestions or stuff you read online). Here we go!

Pay Attention To The Time Minimum

We suggest that you wear your clear braces a minimum of 20 hours every day, though 22 hours or more is preferable. Remember that 20 hour is the absolute minimum – it’s not 18 or 19. Also keep in mind that the time allotted to have your trays out of your mouth is there for a reason. It’s so you can eat your meals, brush your teeth, and floss, and all without any interruption from your orthodontic treatment.

Care For Them Properly

If you care for your clear braces according to the way that is easiest for you or the way you think they should be cared for, you might find that getting through treatment successfully becomes difficult. Instead, follow our directions. In general, you will need to rinse and brush your trays every day (and you will need to clean your trays and your smile after eating – and before those trays go back over your teeth). Things you should avoid? Harsh toothpaste (we will tell you what to use) and hot water (it can alter the shape of the trays). See? Easy.