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Invisalign Treatment Quiz: Why Choose It?

When we’re talking with you about Invisalign treatment to align your smile, what do you think about all of the details? Do you immediately figure that you should go ahead and begin treatment right away because you’d love a more uniform smile? Do you feel like you need a bit more motivation, so you can… Read more »

Quiz: Braces And Eating

If there’s one thing about receiving orthodontic treatment that causes patients to worry a lot, that topic typically includes eating. Will I be able to eat anything I want? Patients often ask. Of course, it all depends on the treatment you’re receiving. When you’re in traditional braces, you simply need to practice some amount of… Read more »

Invisalign Treatment: Making It Easier

When you’re getting ready to receive Invisalign treatment, you are probably full of excitement about how lovely your smile is going to look in the future. Then, of course, there might also be some factors that have you a little bit worried. The treatment will be covering your smile and shifting your teeth, so there’s… Read more »

What Is Overcrowding (And What Do I Do)?

Has a friend mentioned that the problem with your smile appears to be overcrowding? Do you know that your smile could certainly use some help but you don’t really know anything about this (or other types) of malocclusion (or a misaligned bite)? If so, you may not know where to begin or what types of… Read more »

Invisalign: Are You Sabotaging Your Treatment?

The day you receive your first set of clear aligner trays is a day to smile about. Soon, your misaligned teeth will be in order and the grand reveal will include nothing short of a miraculously straight smile! That is, assuming you follow our instructions for your Invisalign treatment. If not, you might find that… Read more »

Clear Braces: Achieving Success

Are you wearing clear aligner trays called clear braces to address your smile alignment issues? If so, are you starting fret because you want more than anything to finish your treatment and to see a gorgeous, aligned smile in the mirror? If so, making it through treatment without a hiccup is quite easy as long… Read more »

Side Effects Of Poor Alignment

You may think that the way your teeth are positioned in your mouth is strictly a cosmetic issue. Sure, you would enjoy a straighter smile, but seeking orthodontic care has always seemed unnecessary – or a luxury. While we understand your perspective, it is important that you take a moment to recognize something very important:… Read more »

3 Surprising Reasons To Choose Cosmetic Braces

The reasons to choose cosmetic braces seem obvious. The future of a more beautiful, straight smile sounds wonderful to everyone. Making it to the finish line with the help of treatment that most people won’t even notice you are wearing (we use clear aligner trays rather than traditional wires and brackets) is often an extreme… Read more »

Don’t Sabotage A Straighter Future Smile

Are you interested in straightening your smile but at every turn, you find that you are sabotaging yourself? For instance, do you dream about aligning your smile and having the opportunity to show it off but you immediately tell yourself that the process is simply too complicated? Do yourself a favor and consider some helpful… Read more »