Quiz: Braces And Eating

If there’s one thing about receiving orthodontic treatment that causes patients to worry a lot, that topic typically includes eating. Will I be able to eat anything I want? Patients often ask. Of course, it all depends on the treatment you’re receiving. When you’re in traditional braces, you simply need to practice some amount of caution to ensure you’re keeping the different parts of your system in place and undamaged. Let’s review some helpful factors with a brief quiz.

Quiz Questions: True or False?

  1. True or False: It’s good for your smile for you to eat tough foods, while you’re receiving an orthodontic treatment. It helps strengthen your tissues.
  2. True or False: There aren’t really any soft foods that will fill you up, so you’ll have to do your best to eat something more substantial.
  3. True or False: It’s not any more important to brush and floss after you eat with braces than it is without them.

Quiz Answers

  1. False. Eating anything that might damage braces or cause your teeth to hurt is never a good idea. You don’t need to “strengthen” your smile. You need to keep it safe and comfortable by choosing foods you can eat with ease.
  2. False. You can easily enjoy softer foods while you’re receiving orthodontic treatment that will offer substantial nutrition and that will help you feel full. Remember that most foods are okay for your smile. You just want to avoid very hard, tough, sticky, too chewy options. Baked chicken, bread, cut up fruits, steamed veggies, cooked eggs, cheese, yogurt, soup, and more? The list goes on and on.
  3. False. Unfortunately, there are many more places for food particles to become lodged if you’re wearing braces. As a result, brushing (and sometimes flossing more than once a day) after meals becomes even more important to make sure particles are not resting against teeth and gums.

Protect Your Braces

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