Why We Understand Your Absence

whycardslightsAre you embarrassed because you haven’t come in for a visit in quite some time? Perhaps you are a new patient who has not scheduled a dental cleaning or checkup anywhere for several years. As a result, even though you would like to get back to your professional preventive care, you feel concerned that your experience is going to be upsetting or embarrassing. Good news: We understand your absence and you have nothing to worry about! Consider some reasons to take us at our word and contact us to schedule a visit.

About Budget

We understand that you may not have been able to fit your preventive care into your budget for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you didn’t have dental insurance or the cost of the treatment you needed was too great and your previous practice didn’t offer payment options. Maybe you simply couldn’t afford to take the time off of work to schedule care. If this is a common concern for you, please speak with us about our financing solutions, so we can help ensure you receive the care you need.

About Anxiety

Millions of patients are too nervous to keep up with preventive care. Even if you’ve had cleanings and checkups in the past without anything upsetting occurring, you may still simply deal with too much anxiety. Let us know, so we may accommodate you and do our best to offer a comfortable visit. We empathize with your hope for a tranquil appointment and offer sedation.

About Embarrassment

In many cases, a patient starts with a cavity that turns into severe decay and then that individual’s oral health problems begin to snowball. Whether you’re just beginning to experience an issue with your smile or if you feel like your issues are overwhelming, we are always happy to schedule a visit. We would love to provide you with the preventive and restorative care you need to feel good about your dental health again.