2 Lighthearted Reasons To Schedule A Visit

2brightThere are a lot of serious reasons we could bring up for why you should schedule your preventive visit. You probably know a lot of them by heart. For instance, keeping up with these visits is absolutely essential to your ability to keep your smile healthy. It can save you time, it can help you avoid spending extra money on treatments you could have avoided, and it can keep your smile feeling healthy. The list goes on and on! However, we thought we’d shake things up a bit and offer some lighthearted reasons it’s a good idea to come see us. Didn’t know such reasons existed? Surprise! They do.

#1: It’s Cooler Outside, Why Not?

Few people enjoy going out in the hot weather to do anything. When it comes to combining sweaty weather with a trip to the dentist … well … it might not be your favorite mashup of events. You might have noticed that the temps have dropped and the occasional jacket is finally necessary, so take advantage of the ease with which you can attend appointments and head over for your preventive visit!

#2: It’s Coffee, Hot Chocolate, And Candy Season

It’s October, which means it’s finally the season that ushers in everything you ever fantasized about eating and enjoying (and everything that can potentially damage your oral health). Whether you’re already indulging or are waiting for Halloween, this is a wonderful reason to come in for your preventive visit. We can consistently monitor your smile, make sure you’re keeping it clean and safe, and answer questions you may have about protecting it throughout holiday time!