Does My Cavity Need A Filling?

manwonderingWhen you ask us the question, “Does my cavity need a dental filling?” we might answer in one of two ways but it might not be exactly what you expect. If you are dealing with a cavity then you are certainly going to require a restorative procedure to address the issue and restore your tooth and oral health. As for the specific answers, it won’t be a “yes” or “no, you’re fine.” It will be, “Yes, you need a filling,” or, “No, you actually need a crown.” Not sure why this might be the case? We are more than happy to explain!

When You Need A Filling

When you’re suffering from a small to moderately sized cavity, you have enough remaining dental tissue for us to remove the decay (and damaged tissue) and to fill the opening. We can do this without compromising the ability of your tooth to remain intact and to function after we place the filling. As a result, we will offer a tooth-colored dental filling that completes the structure of your tooth and that ensures your tooth looks just like it used to (before the decay).

When You Need A Crown Instead

Now, imagine you don’t have a small to moderately sized cavity. What you have is a very large cavity. Maybe a significant amount of your dental tissue is missing. Perhaps the walls of your tooth that are still standing are quite thin. Even if we were to place a filling, the likelihood of your natural tissue breaking or fracturing immediately after is quite high. The result? We place a crown for serious cavities. Once your natural tooth is treated and the decay is gone, you can expect us to cover the tooth with a beautiful porcelain crown. You will no longer need to rely on your damaged tooth but instead will have a full new structure that looks natural and provides the daily support you need.