Less Stress Dental Resolutions for 2017

less-stress-dental-resolutions-for-2017We’ve made it through the holidays, and are looking at the start of a new year. Some people like to put on a party hat and celebrate with friends, and others spend time solo, to reflect and recharge. Whatever your New Year’s celebration style, if you are planning on making resolutions, we wish you success. Surveys indicate that people do their best at keeping resolutions when they are well defined, easy to track, and important to the individual. If dental appointments make you anxious, try less stress dental resolutions for 2017. 

Resolution #1: Talk to Your Dentist

Some people have the idea that its babyish to be nervous about dental procedures. They feel embarrassed about their fear, and rather than admit it, they put off appointments and avoid coming in. Make a dental resolution to talk to us. We have a soothing and comfortable office environment, with a non-medical feel. We can discuss options for reducing anxiety for any procedure, from a checkup and cleaning, to a complex, multi-step procedure.

Resolution #2: Learn About Sedation Options

Sometimes dental stress comes from not having enough information. When you learn more about sedation options, you may realize there is an option that is right for your situation. Perhaps you think sedation will “knock you out” for the rest of the work day. The truth is, the light euphoria of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) allows patients to be comfortable during some procedures, yet still drive to and from an appointment, and return to work afterwards. We can also help you learn about more intense sedation options.

Resolution #3: Try Stress Reduction Options

Along with the sedation options we can offer at your appointment, there are things you can do to  decrease stress before, during and afterwards. Here are more ideas that have been found to help relieve feelings of stress throughout the day:

  • Make sure you are eating well
  • Get adequate sleep
  • Don’t dwell on negative results
  • Try a calming breathing technique
  • Try spending a few minutes meditating
  • Listen to soothing music
  • Have a friendly conversation on the phone or in person
  • Pet a dog or cat
  • Take a walk