Why Is It Hurting To Floss?

So, you’re doing just what we always instruct you to do when it comes to protecting your oral health: Brush and floss. However, during your dental hygiene routine, you notice that it hurts to floss your smile. If you’re unsure what this means, we can begin by telling you that flossing should not hurt! You may not necessarily love the sensation but pain is not a normal part of the equation. If you are finding that it hurts, we encourage you to schedule a visit with us as soon as you can. For now, let us help demystify what might be going on!

It’s Been A While

It might hurt to floss if this is not something that you usually do. Your gum tissue isn’t used to someone pressing against it with dental floss, so if your tissue feels sensitive, don’t worry. Do your best to floss your entire smile every single day and the process should begin to feel neutral.

You’re Being Too Forceful

Just like brushing too hard can lead to problems like sensitivity, the same is true of flossing. While it’s important to do a thorough job to protect your oral health, it’s not important to use elbow grease. Instead, success rests on your ability to be quite comprehensive, while using a gentle touch. The goal is to disrupt and displace plaque and food particles.

You Have Gum Disease

Especially if your gums look inflamed or they bleed easily when you floss, the discomfort may come from the fact that you have some level of gum disease. Don’t stop flossing and hope your oral health will improve. Instead, call us right away to set up an examination, so we can restore your gum health.